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Potatoes & cauliflower cooked in mustard oil with a blend of onions, ginger and added traditional spices….


Shallow fried mashed potato cutlets seasoned with whole coriander seeds and fresh spices….


Baingan Bharta is a vegetarian Indian dish where eggplants are grilled over hot charcoal, mashed and then mixed and…


‘Bhindi’ is a Hindi term for ‘Okra’ & ‘masala’ is an Indian curry base made with onions, tomatoes, spices…


Crispy wafer served with boiled potato, chickpeas, yogurt, mint & tamarind sauce….



Chicken breast dipped in special batter & spices, deep-fried served with The Flavours special chutney….


Fried crispy wings with your choice of Franks, Hot Sauce, BBQ, Honey, Garlic, The Flavours Butter Chicken Sauce &…


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